How to make a good application. Applicants, read this first!

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How to make a good application. Applicants, read this first!

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 31, 2007 11:52 am

Well since we are kinda starting all over again we don't have much to ask for about gear but there are some things that you have to take in mind.
-we want people that can be reliable. If you are not one of those don't apply.
-sentient people that can understand written and spoken english.
-we have some spots for forum trolls too.(limited)

2) Prepare – To make a good application you must prepare information about yourself. Read applications on our forum and write down which questions are being asked.
- Where do you live? – Tell us about yourself, where do you live, what do you do, your hobbies, what you like or u dislike in people, your age.. etc. We would really like to know person behind your toon.
- Why do you want to join that guild? What are your plans and expectations in wowrush? – Explain your motives.
- What are your professions? – Explain what professions you've got. Rare crafts can give you a few additional points.
- What is your class? Race? Stats? – Basic info about character.
- What gear do your have? No need to post every single epic item you've got; Frankly we don't really care if you're all epiced up, or wearing greens only. Just a basic impression of what type of gear you're wearing, cause that will reflect the way you prefer to play.
- What is your talent spec? And would you respec if we asked you to? – PvP or PvE build? We don’t force people to specialize in any way, however we do give those with PvE-spec prioritation when picking line-ups for raids. And remember honest answers even if it the answer is "no". Lying gets you nowhere in wowrush.
- How often do u play? - Are you a causal player? Logged in 24/7, or only once in a while?
- Do you prefer PvP or PvE? What keys and attunements do you have?


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