Feroc's Application Form (^_^)

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Feroc's Application Form (^_^)

Post  Feroc on Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:02 am

After seeing some random macro in Nagrand saying that Digerati was being remade, my first reaction was to shout at Fugi for not leaving the dead guild alone / trying to use the name to be popular. But now I see that Fugi is an old Digi member and has good intentions Very Happy
So I've decided to post in here ASAP - First Applicant!!

Ok well I'm a 16 year old guy from Glasgow, Scotland. I'm studying 5 higher level subjects in school, which are the same as A levels in England: English, Maths, Computing, Physics and Graphical Drawing.

Hobbiewise I don't really do alot, got a new bike so will be using that once the damn winter goes away. Also have a trampoline... in storage for winter Shocked
At weekend I'll normally be out on Saturdays and have friends staying over/staying at their house. They're all prejudiced against like everything so they don't play WoW in fear of being turned into a 40 year old virgin Neutral
Apart from that I'm free to play from about 7-11pm Uk Time (Server time -1 Hour)

I'd really like to join Digi because all the players I met when I was a lowbie were like Idols to me in all they're shiny gear and big fat weapons. I'd love to have a good chance at getting that myself, and what better way to do it than to start from scratch with people that know what they're doing.

My Character:
There's a little blip here, I'm only level 68 but I'm well rested to 70 and have this week off of school so it won't be long. However if we aren't planning on starting raiding ASAP I wouldn't mind staying like 1 bar away from 70 and BGing for the glad stuff to get myself some good gear.

I play a Nelf Huntard who's BM Spec with Aimed Shot. I have to be honest and say I love PvP but I've never tried PvE and I would really like to.
I'm happy to respec for you guys, I was planning to anyway.
Gear wise I have a mix of blue/greens, stat wise atm My dude's basically a stamina junkie!! I have to admit I hate my guys face/hair so I always wear full face masks, but I guess if something had better stats I could wear it in a raid.

Well that's all from me, if this sucks, well I didn't have anyone else's to copy Razz
Btw I talk.. ALOT So hopefully I'll liven up the guild chat or annoy everyone, but I'm very friendly so hopefully you'll all like me, never really found anyone who doesn't.

P.S. Fugi I was really loopy when I was talking to you -- Hadn't slept in 24 Hours (Don't Ask!)

Happy new Year! (They spelt the Reindeer emote wrong lol! )

BAI! rendeer


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